Blue Monday, but good things ahead...

by Dave A. Barry on 21-01-2019

Hi, Last Friday, I attended a highly-inspiring Cork Chamber Skillnet 'Kick Off 2019 & be the Best Version of You!' event at River Lee Hotel Cork, featuring motivational speaker Ryan O'Reilly. SO many takeaways, but one of the key for 2019 was/is to write down 3 Grateful-For's right now as we launch into the year ahead. In this spirit, and on a very dreary Blue Monday, wanted to shar...

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Welcome to

Bringing HR Higher

by Dave A. Barry on 04-01-2019

Happy New Year, and hope you had a great Christmas. Back in October, I published a LinkedIn article titled What is it about me, October and change?, containing the following paragraph: 'Now is the time for me to finally establish my own consultancy. In the midst of same right now, it will focus on connecting culture, strategy & HR to attract and retain talent, and bring com...

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