Blue Monday, but good things ahead...

by Dave A. Barry on January 21st, 2019


Last Friday, I attended a highly-inspiring Cork Chamber Skillnet 'Kick Off 2019 & be the Best Version of You!' event at River Lee Hotel Cork, featuring motivational speaker Ryan O'Reilly. SO many takeaways, but one of the key for 2019 was/is to write down 3 Grateful-For's right now as we launch into the year ahead. In this spirit, and on a very dreary Blue Monday, wanted to share some positive things ahead...

- First up, am really looking forward to speaking at the January 31st Public Affairs Ireland (PAI) 'Attracting and Developing Staff in the Public Sector' Annual HR Conference at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Dublin  

- Next, delighted to have been asked to join the Cork Chamber Skillnet Steering Group for 2019, with first meeting scheduled for February 5th

- Last (for now) but definitely not least, am also really looking forward to speaking at Republic of Work here in Cork on February 19th for a Lunchtime Learning 'Connecting Culture, Strategy & People for Business or Start-Up Success' session. This informal event is free admission. 

To provide a flavour of both PAI and Republic of Work upcoming content, please find below a short blog I recently wrote for the former. Hope you will find thought-provoking, and stay tuned for more exciting things to come...


Dave A. Barry, January 2019


Within the Public Sector, is there validating-data, clarity and alignment as to sub-sector organizational priorities for 2019 e.g.

-        Talent attraction and development?

-        High-engagement culture, operational excellence and/or people-centric leadership?

-        Something else?

If not, there must be. Amid War for Talent 2.0, competition is rife, everybody wants everything yesterday, plus data to go along with that. For leadership and HR, not having clarity and alignment as to this year’s organizational priorities can often feel overwhelming, particularly when the not-just-millennials desired ‘connection’ is also thrown into the mix. Theoretically, connection is defined as: a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else…the action of linking one thing with another. In today’s world, this has both individual purpose and big-picture considerations for the Public Sector.

Before we start connecting anything in 2019 though, how clearly-defined are each of the following from an overall public service perspective:

-        Culture i.e. HOW we operate?

-        Strategy i.e. WHAT’s our plan?

-        People i.e. WHO we value?

At the Public Affairs Ireland Annual HR Conference in Dublin on January 31st, drawing on both my HR and other experience from Eli Lilly, Trend Micro etc., plus recent Public Sector data-points too, I will speak about the defining and connecting of culture, strategy & people to bring both Public Sector performance and Talent Management to next-level via:

-        Three purposeful focuses

-        One productive plan

-        One engaging story

This is Connection. On January 31st, I look forward to sharing further detailed thoughts with you regarding the above, and to answering some of your most-pertinent questions.

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