Building culture and talent, the SCRI-IS way

by Dave A. Barry on September 20th, 2023

Building culture and talent, the SCRI-IS way Image

In early December 2019, I received a call from Valerie Carroll, SCRI-IS Technologies Limited's co-founder and operations director. With SCRI-IS established around a year at that point, Valerie was keen to explore potential partnering with® on embedding a unique culture early into their start-up, and we were delighted to assist.

Onwards to latter January 2020, and a culture and strategy workshop at SCRI-IS’ base within the impressive DCU Apha, the research-intensive innovation campus dedicated to inspiring the development of future technologies. Over the course of an insightful client-centric morning, with the talented team we agreed their ultimate aim (vision), what they do and why (mission & purpose), how they operate (values), and more:
SCRI-IS Vision:
Be the leading technical reliability engineering partner, trusted globally for empowering life sciences innovation and patient supply

SCRI-IS Mission & Purpose:
Through process system management, engineering, and data analytics, SCRI-IS maximizes system availability and product integrity

SCRI-IS Values:
Technological curiosity

Shortly after the initial workshop, COVID arrived to turn the world upside down, but SCRI-IS’ ongoing culture and talent focuses did not wane during this turbulent period. In tandem with continued hiring, new initiatives around managing and developing, and engaging and retaining, were introduced throughout. This included an early December 2021 team comms session, during which we looked back at that year from each of culture, client strategy and people perspectives i.e. what went well, what could have gone differently and why, what needed particular focus in the following year etc.

Fast forward to late September 2022, and an in-person HR day at DCU Alpha. Following a motivating strategy update, the team tweaked their vision and mission & purpose as reflected above, designed behaviours to further bring the same three values to life, and energetically engaged in a developmental MBTI afternoon session.

Having recently added to engineering (Darren McDonnell director) and technical services (Thomas Tattersall director) offerings with the strategic hiring of Barry Jordan to lead a new reliability & asset management team, SCRI-IS is about to start interviewing experienced field service technicians, with other exciting opportunities to follow. Also on the agenda is a dedicated development window in October, which for me absolutely balances their leadership’s client centricity with culture and talent focuses.

Sincerely,® organizational HR partnering with SCRI-IS is a continued joy. Working with them could be for you too. Liking the sound of all the above? Watch this space regarding continued exciting expansion ahead.