'Connecting' Startup anewmum

An Exciting One-to-Watch

by Dave A. Barry on August 6th, 2019

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To mitigate losing valued business or talent in continued startup mode, for anewmum’s expanding team, future customers and other stakeholders, was:

1. WHY/HOW anewmum operates (Culture)

2. WHAT's anewmum’s plan (Strategy)

3. WHO anewmum values (People)

a connected roadmap and story i.e. 1-3 optimally defined, linked and communicated? To a certain extent yes, but dots definitely needed further joining from clarity of Mission & Purpose and other angles. Both organizationally and individually, this can be, bringing anewmum higher.

Organizationally, many companies feel that their culture, strategy and people are connected, as in the big picture of same is 'out there' for employees, customers and candidates. Is this optimally the case though? On what are we basing that belief? How do we really know either way?

Individually is the ultimate litmus test here. For example, if we were to chat with an employee at any level, would they articulate a tangible personal connection with helping achieve or exceed business goals, and to staying with the organization? Could they tell us a succinct story about the company, list the values and this year's objectives? This would validate a connected workplace.

After thirteen years’ coordination and finance experience across the Health Service Executive, C&C Group and more, Marian Kennedy founded the post partum relief focused PPR Healthcare Ltd. (anewmum’s parent company) in January 2018. Subsequently selected for the Cork Institute of Technology located Rubicon Centre New Frontiers Phase Two programme, much was achieved during this period. Particularly with the team expanding, and with an exciting next phase ahead, it was time to really connect anewmum for going forward.

Incorporating Marian’s ongoing startup development work as shared at a 24 Stories Tribe event the previous week, on June 5th we ran a #anewmumConnection workshop also including new senior hire Monica Lambe. It is fair to say that those of us in the room at the Rubicon Centre were blown away as to how much we achieved in a morning, including design or redesign of the following for 2019 and beyond:

Culture: anewmum Vision, Mission & Purpose and values Trust, Passion, Innovation

Strategy: anewmum measurable objectives focused on business, customers, team

People: anewmum Talent initiatives, initially re brand, management, engagement

Per Marian, "Conexion.ie brought a wealth of knowledge to the table to help us get our foundations established at such an early stage for the culture, stategy and people in anewmum. I'm so grateful for the learning opportunity and insights we had from Dave and we look forward to working with Conexion.ie in the future as anewmum grows. I feel relieved and confident to be in a position to have fine-tuned and created the future vision, mission and values of the company."

For anewmum, there is now three purposeful focuses, one productive plan and one engaging story. We are really looking forward to staying connected with the team in 2019 as this roadmap equates to even greater quantifiable success. For your startup or business, if this type plan is not optimally the case right now, it can be too, bringing your company higher. Conexion.ie would be delighted to hear from you to further chat about same.

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Dave A. Barry
August 2019