Global Ethics Day, Integrity, and SCRI-IS

by Dave A. Barry on October 24th, 2023

Last Wednesday October 18th was Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs' tenth annual Global Ethics Day, with this year’s theme ‘Ethics Empowered’. Over the last ten years, thousands of businesses, institutions, nonprofits, schools and individuals from other 100 countries have participated in this annual movement to empower ethics. Using the power of ethics to build a better world.

Leading up to Conexion's fifth birthday on Thursday 19th, I had been looking back over all the culture workshops, strategy partnering and people masterclasses achieved during this period, with Integrity featuring throughout not only as one of Conexion’s three core values but also carefully selected by clients along the way as one of their’s too. For me, the integrity definition of ‘doing the right thing, even when no one is watching’ crystallizes its meaning best.

Back in 2018, prior to Conexion’s introduction to SCRI-IS Technologies Limited, this similarly resonated with David Carroll, Valerie Carroll and Darren McDonnell in the founding of SCRI-IS, which stands for sustainability, continuity, reliability, integrity and intelligent solutions. With Integrity mindfully selected during January 2019’s culture workshop also as one of their values alongside Professionalism and Technological Curiosity, a continued joy to partner with an exciting one-to-watch, revolutionizing sustainable asset reliability. Doing so many right things, even when no one is watching.


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