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Bringing HR Higher

by Dave A. Barry on January 4th, 2019

Happy New Year, and hope you had a great Christmas. Back in October, I published a LinkedIn article titled What is it about me, October and change?, containing the following paragraph:

'Now is the time for me to finally establish my own consultancy. In the midst of same right now, it will focus on connecting culture, strategy & HR to attract and retain talent, and bring companies to another level. Strategy workshops, HR partnering and 1:1 coaching will feature, the latter from an individual perspective too. Coming very soon, please do not hesitate to contact me in the interim.' Welcome to Conexion.ie.

Over the past few months, it has been fantastic to have that reflection time to further-define and refine the value proposition for clients, exising and new. Also to collaborate with exciting Cork-based companies like Coolgrey on logo design, RedStudio on company website and Rezoomo on speaking gigs, and forge new sector connections that really offered constructive perspective and support. So, with values of Integrity, People Passion and Big-Picture Connection firmly in hand, let's do this...

Whether a small, medium or large business, or indeed a start-up, what is on your mind for 2019? Talent attraction and retention? More productivity or engagement? Something else? Driven by the defined opportunity (or potential disconnect) that faces you, our partnering commences with workshops and continues from there as you require. Connecting culture, strategy & people, to bring both your company's performance and Talent Management to next-level.

Three purposeful focuses.

One productive plan.

One engaging story.

This is Conexion.ie.  

Over the course of this year, this blog will provide periodic updates on latest thought, case studies and exciting events focused on Bringing HR Higher. Hope you will enjoy these, and please feel free to share posts. We can also be followed @ConexionIE on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to family & friends, clients and collaborators for all of the support in 2018, and here's to a very exciting 2019 ahead.


Dave A. Barry, January 2019