Who Needs Connection?

Joining Organizational Dots

by Dave A. Barry on February 28th, 2019

For your employees, customers and candidates, is:

1. WHY/HOW you operate (Culture)

2. WHAT's your plan (Strategy)

3. WHO you value (People)

connected i.e. defined, linked and communicated? Organizationally and individually, it can be, bringing your company higher.

Last month, we published a blog here titled Welcome to Conexion.ie, containing the following paragraph:

'Whether a small, medium or large business, or indeed a start-up, what is on your mind for 2019? Talent attraction and retention? More productivity or engagement? Something else? Driven by the defined opportunity (or potential disconnect) that faces you, our partnering commences with workshops and continues from there as you require. Connecting culture, strategy & people, to bring both your company's performance and Talent Management to next-level'.

Since then, out of many meetings, talks and workshops, it has been fantastic to further-define and refine the value proposition for clients, both existing and new. Along the way, this culminated in the leading three-part question at the top of this blog i.e. as to who might need Connection. Then, subsequent to our recent Republic of Work Lunchtime Learning talk, we have just added “Organizationally and individually...” Why this latest update?

Organizationally, many companies feel their Culture, Strategy & People are connected i.e. defined, linked and communicated, as in the big-picture of same is "out there" for employees, customers and candidates. Is this optimally the case though? On what are we basing that belief? How do we really know either way?

Individually is the ultimate litmus test here. If we were to chat with e.g. an employee (at any level), would they validate a tangible personal Connection with helping achieve or exceed business goals, and to staying with the organization? Could they tell us a succint story about the company i.e. list the values, this year's objectives etc?

If these are not optimally the cases for your business right now, they can be, bringing your company higher. Three purposeful focuses. One productive plan. One engaging story. This is Conexion.ie. We would be delighted to hear from you to further-chat re same.

In the interim, this blog provides periodic updates on latest thought, case studies and exciting events focused on Joining Organizational Dots. Hope you enjoyed today’s, and please feel free to share. We can also be followed @ConexionIE on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Dave A. Barry, February 2019