Dave A. Barry, Chartered FCIPD

Joining Organizational Dots  |  Founding Director Conexion.ie  |  Speaker and PT/Online Lecturer

A graduate of UCC in HR and French & Economics, after initial customer service and finance roles in the travel and retail sectors, Dave joined Eli Lilly in February 1999 for thirteen years across HR, Lean Six Sigma/Organization Development and Finance at three Cork locations with close US and European links.

Keen to lead in other sectors, Dave left Lilly in October 2011 and after an interim HR self-service project role with Telefonica in Dublin, he joined global cybersecurity organization Trend Micro in Cork in March 2013 as Head of HR – EMEA Operations Centre/Ireland and interim Southern Europe.

Passionate about evolving HR from operational to more organizational via strategic culture, strategy & people focuses, Dave moved on from Trend in October 2016 to pursue related management consulting opportunities, initially as Director of Talent & Transformation at Fastnet – The Talent Group prior to establishing Conexion.ie in October 2018.



Recent Dave A. Barry Speaking

- Local Authority 20th Annual HR Conference (Dublin), October 2018, 'How a Focus on Data Helps Achieve Your People Strategy'

- Rezoomo Talks (Galway & Limerick), November 2018, 'From Employee Value Proposition to Connection - The Evolution of Brand'

- Public Affairs Ireland Annual HR Conference (Dublin), January 2019, 'Connecting Culture, Strategy & People, to Bring Both Public Sector Performance and Talent Management to Next-Level' 

- Republic of Work Lunchtime Learning (Cork), February 2019, 'Connecting Culture, Strategy & People for Business or Start-Up Success'

- Teagasc International Women's Day Event (Cork), March 2019, 'Individually-Connecting You, Your Career & Teagasc’

- 24 Stories Tribe (Cork), May 2019, ‘From Eli Lilly to Trend Micro to Conexion.ie: Connecting Culture, Strategy & People’

- Cork Entrepreneurs Network (Cork), June 2019, 'Optimising Company Performance: Going Broad & Going Deep' with Fiona Donnelly of Nexus Consulting

- Public Affairs Ireland Breakfast Briefing (Dublin), October 2019, 'Supporting your Leadership Development - Reflect, Develop and Change' with Julie O'Sullivan of KinchLyons

- 24 Stories Tribe Inside Talk (Cork), October 2019, 'Inside Coolgrey Connected' with Anthony Cotter & Justin Cronin of Coolgrey, Stephen Ryan of Narration and Leigh Gillen of Leigh Gillen Events

- Family Friendly Ireland Awards (Cork), 15th November 2019, Judges Panel Session

More to come...



Alliances and Associates

In tandem with growing our valued client base, we continue to explore potential Conexion.ie alliances and associations with partners aligned to our vision, mission & purpose, and values. 


Coolgrey Connected (Client Brand Collaboration)

Strategically bringing Conexion.ie Culture Strategy People client foundations to life through Emotionise story & content creation, Coolgrey creative design & marketing, Narration PR & digital strategy, and Leigh Gillen corporate events. With a collectively strong portfolio of clients across all sectors, we would be delighted to chat further regarding the symbiotic brand, communications and engagement benefits for your business in partnering with our exciting new 5-way alliance:   

Conexion.ie (Foundations)

Emotionise (Story)

Coolgrey (Brand)

Narration (Digital) 

Leigh Gillen (Events)


Expertise Associates:

Having personally worked with both Aideen and Lukasz, thrilled to collaborate with each.

Aideen Shannon at FlexiSmart (HR Policy/Projects/Recruitment, and Coaching)

Lukasz Madrzak at REDStudio (Web & Apps)