Keeping work human during COVID-19

Business Reconnection Support

by Dave A. Barry on 25-05-2020

Steered by 20+ years biopharma/tech HR, leadership and Talent,® connects culture, strategy and people in companies, public sector, teams. At this phase of COVID-19 for clients, it is now time to particularly draw on the ‘keeping work human’ and change management pillars of our experience, and add a new service: Business Reconnection Support...

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'Connecting' Startup anewmum

An Exciting One-to-Watch

by Dave A. Barry on 06-08-2019

To mitigate losing valued business or talent in continued startup mode, for anewmum’s expanding team, future customers and other stakeholders, was: 1. WHY/HOW anewmum operates (Culture) 2. WHAT's anewmum’s plan (Strategy) 3. WHO anewmum values (People) a connected roadmap and story i.e. 1-3 optimally defined, linked and communicated?...

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Great to Greater: Bringing Ikon Higher

A Client Story

by Dave A. Barry on 10-04-2019

To reduce the risk of losing valued business or talent, for Ikon Hair Cork's team, clients and other stakeholders, was: 1. WHY/HOW Ikon operates (Culture) 2. WHAT's Ikon's plan (Strategy) 3. WHO Ikon values (People) connected i.e. defined, linked and communicated? In theory, yes. Irrelevant of business sector or size though, and with War for Talent 2.0 i...

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Are we really "getting" Diversity & Inclusion?

D&I Global Connection

by Dave A. Barry on 28-03-2019

Hope you are all enjoying this fine Spring weather. Yesterday, I attended an insightful 'How to Build a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace' webinar, hosted by Talivest's own David Kenny and featuring founder Vessy Tasheva, CPL HR Director Sharon Vize and FUTURENEERZ Managing Director Ciara Kelly. From a start-up perspective, I had a major aha moment during the webin...

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Who Needs Connection?

Joining Organizational Dots

by Dave A. Barry on 28-02-2019

For your employees, customers and candidates, is: 1. WHY/HOW you operate (Culture) 2. WHAT's your plan (Strategy) 3. WHO you value (People) connected i.e. defined, linked and communicated? Organizationally and individually, it can be, bringing your company higher. Last month, we published a blog here titled Welcome to, containing the ...

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Blue Monday, but good things ahead...

by Dave A. Barry on 21-01-2019

Hi, Last Friday, I attended a highly-inspiring Cork Chamber Skillnet 'Kick Off 2019 & be the Best Version of You!' event at River Lee Hotel Cork, featuring motivational speaker Ryan O'Reilly. SO many takeaways, but one of the key for 2019 was/is to write down 3 Grateful-For's right now as we launch into the year ahead. In this spirit, and on a very dreary Blue Monday, wanted to shar...

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Welcome to

Bringing HR Higher

by Dave A. Barry on 04-01-2019

Happy New Year, and hope you had a great Christmas. Back in October, I published a LinkedIn article titled What is it about me, October and change?, containing the following paragraph: 'Now is the time for me to finally establish my own consultancy. In the midst of same right now, it will focus on connecting culture, strategy & HR to attract and retain talent, and bring com...

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