Who we are

To reduce the risk of losing valued business or talent, for your employees, customers and candidates, is:

1. WHY/HOW you operate (Culture)

2. WHAT’s your plan (Strategy)

3. WHO you value (People)

connected i.e. defined, linked and communicated? Organizationally and individually, it can be, bringing your company higher.


Established in October 2018 by Dave A. Barry, Conexion.ie is a Cork-based organizational consultancy.


Our Vision: Be the go-to bespoke organizational consultancy for SMEs, start-ups and larger clients

Our Mission & Purpose: Connecting your company culture, strategy & people, to bring both the business and what it feels like to work there higher

Our Values: Integrity, People Passion, Big-Picture Connection


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What we do

Whether a small, medium or large enterprise, or indeed a start-up, what is on your mind in 2019? Talent attraction and retention? Productivity or engagement? Something else? Steered by founder Dave A. Barry’s extensive HR, strategic Lean Six Sigma and Talent Management experience (particularly via Eli Lilly and Trend Micro), Conexion.ie utilizes a collaborative and data-driven organizational approach, focused on achieving sustained purpose, productivity and engagement for you.


Consulting and Workshops

Organizationally, driven by the defined opportunity (or potential disconnect) that faces you, our partnering usually commences with workshops and continues from there as you require. Connecting culture, strategy & people, to bring both your company’s performance and Talent Management to next-level. Three purposeful focuses. One productive plan. One engaging story.

We also partner with clients on the following, and more: 
- Internal and external recruitment talent selection
- Functional or team planning and review sessions
- Company communications event design and MC 



Individually, to mitigate talent loss or missed opportunities, CareerConnection1:1 mentoring connects your career, development and professional brand. 

With organizational team members, the primary focus is internal direction, career progression and sector profile. 

For individual clients, the focus can also be internal, or external with additional advising on curriculum vitae, LinkedIn etc.   


This is Conexion.ie.

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Your Vision
Your Mission & Purpose
Your Values


STRATEGY (inc. Diversity & Inclusion)

Your Plan Objectives
Your Talent Management
Your HR Model




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