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Organizational Management Consultancy


To join organizational dots and bring your business and Talent higher, for your teams, customers and candidates, is:

1. WHO you are (Culture)

2. WHERE you're heading (Strategy)

3. WHAT it's like to work there (People)

a connected workplace and brand i.e. 1-3 optimally defined, linked and communicated? With more than 20 years' HR and business leadership behind Conexion.ie, we really can achieve this together, swiftly and sustained.   

Established in October 2018 by Dave A. Barry, Conexion.ie is a Cork based organizational management consultancy, specializing in a unique combination of strategic HR, Lean Six Sigma and Talent Management. Conexion is the Spanish word for connection. 


Our Vision: Be the go-to organizational management consultancy for inspirational leaders looking to connect their culture, strategy and people 

Our Mission & PurposeConnection workshops, masterclasses and consulting with companies, public sector, teams - joining organizational dots to bring your business and Talent higher

Our Values: Integrity, People Passion, Big-Picture Connection


"...It has helped us to focus and reshape our mission and values moving forward and we will use this as a core theme when we are adding to the team. I highly recommend companies of all shapes and sizes go through this and can't recommend Dave and Conexion.ie enough" - Cathal Doorley, CEO Rezoomo, Dec 2019


Call us to hear more: 021 201 9397

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What we do


Workshops, Masterclasses and Consulting


Whichever your size, sector, and with or without a HR resource, what is on your mind for 2020? Continued startup or business expansion? Leadership 4.0? Talent attraction and retention? Steered by founder Dave A. Barry’s extensive HR & Talent Management and Lean Six Sigma leadership, particularly via Eli Lilly and Trend Micro, Conexion.ie utilizes a Connection methodology focused on achieving sustained purpose, productivity and engagement for you.


"...we are quickly implementing and are already seeing the positive impacts within the team and the business. We look forward to working again with Dave and Conexion.ie" - Vicki O'Callaghan & Michelle O'Riordan, Co-Founders BabyBoo.ie, Dec 2019 


Culture and Strategy Workshop

Driven by the defined company, departmental or team opportunity (or potential disconnect) that faces you, our partnering usually commences with this interactive half-day workshop, involving leadership and team members designing or validating your:

Culture - Vision, Mission & Purpose, Values
Strategy - Business Goal, Customer Goal, Talent Goal

The Culture and Strategy Workshop methodology can also be utilised as highly impactful facilitation for annual or periodic review and planning sessions. 


People Connection Masterclass

Ideally subsequent to the Culture and Strategy Workshop and steered by said outputs, our one-day People Connection Masterclass delves deep into Talent Management strategy, identifying associated HR initiatives required to ingrain culture and achieve strategy or particular organizational 'dial-up' e.g. innovation:

- Employer Brand & Attraction
- Management and Development
- Engagement and Retention

The People Connection Masterclass can also be delivered as a standalone development session for leadership, HR or 1:1, from a mix of organizations too.

The powerful combination of workshop and masterclass connects your culture, strategy and people, to accelerate bringing both performance and Talent Management to next-level. Three purposeful focuses. One productive roadmap. One engaging story.


"...a very productive and insightful half-day where we prioritized what was important to the group...the following day's masterclass to improve Talent Management...We will continue to work with Conexion.ie to improve on various processes..." - David Carroll, MD Induchem Group, Dec 2019


Consulting and Trusted Associates

As required, we delight in continued consulting with you on workshop and masterclass outputs implementation or other, and deeper into culture, strategy and people via our trusted associates:

HR and Coaching - partnering, transformation, development. Aideen Shannon of FlexiSmart HR and Coaching.

Conferences and Events - design, speaking, MC. Additional event management needs: Leigh Gillen of Leigh Gillen Events.

Insights Consultancy - research, strategy, initiatives. Colette Quinn of Real Insights.


Detail of valued alliances (including Coolgrey Connected) and partners are included under About.


This is Conexion.ie. 

Talk to us: 021 201 9397

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Your Vision
Your Mission & Purpose
Your Values


STRATEGY (inc. Diversity & Inclusion)

Business Goal
Customer Goal
Talent Goal



Employer Brand & Attraction
Management and Development
Engagement and Retention